KLITMØLLER, May 3rd – 5th

What is Cold Hawaii Film Festival?

Cold Hawaii Film Festival is an annual surf event, which includes a movie competition, workshops, surf competition, party and other side activities.

The idea and passion behind the film festival has been to create an event where surfers and film interested people can meet and share their passion, for both surfing and making movies.

The next edition of the event will be held in May 3re-5th, 2019, in Klitmøller (Denmark)

The concept and rules behind the competition are that all films must be shot, edited and entered into the competition, within the dates given (November 1st 2018 and April 1st 2019) and registered before March 1st 2019.Movies have to be submitted before 1.April 2019. The material can be shoot in all Scandinavian countries coastlines (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Faroe Islands and Greenland)


You can buy your ticket here.

Price – 250kr  (+6,5kr ticket service fee)

Ticket includes the entry fees for all days of the festival.

NOTE: First 100 people gets a special “partout” ticket.

The Competition


1st place: 8000 kr. (ca. 1000 euro)

2nd place: 5000 kr. (ca. 650 euro)

3rd place: 2000 kr. (ca. 250 euro)

+ special prizes



  • All Surf footage has to be recorded in Scandinavia.
  • All filming must be done in the period: 1st of November 2018 to 1st of April 2019.
  • Movies have to content Surf or Stand up Paddling.
  • Max 8 min. long.
  • Movies must be in English or with english subtitles.
  • A representative or team member for the film must attend the prize ceremony.

Legal Rules:

  • By entering the competition you hereby give Cold Hawaii Film Festival the rights to show your film on their own Vimeo or Youtube Channel.
  • You are first allowed to upload your movie, on your own or others social media platform, 30 days after the Cold Hawaii Film Festival has announced and presented a winner. (Sharing your video from our vimeo or youtube channel is off course allowed)
  • You need written permission for ALL of your cast AND for the music that you use in your film. The permits need to be sent at the same time as you send the film.


If there are 10 or more movies delievered for the competition, there will be 2 finals; Final A and Final B.

6 movies with the best scores ( accumulated from judges of first 3 criterias) will move automatically to the Final A on Saturday evening ( May 4). The rest of the movies will be shown in the Final B, which will take place on Friday evening (May 3). During the Final B, we will add points for the “Spectator’s choice”* to the current scores, and 2 movies with the highest scores will move to the Final A on Saturday. That means that there will be 8 movies in the big final, where the winners will be chosen after the movie showings.


All films will be judged with 4 criteria/principles in mind:

  1. Storyline and entertainment
  2. The level of surfing
  3. Editing and technical quality of the final film
  4. Spectator’s choice (measured at the finals)

* the “spectator’s choice” is measured by the sound level of the applaus after each movie.


Registration of the movies must been done on following link


Film teams must be registered for the film festival before 1st of March 2019 and the films must be submitted before 1st of April 2019.

Winners from last CHFF 2018:

  1. place: Arctic January
  2. place: Blue Water
  3. place: På beløbet
FOTO: Mette Johnsen

FOTO: Mette Johnsen